Cabrini High School is a private, all-girls, Catholic school which educates the minds and hearts of students in grades 8 - 12. Since its founding, Cabrini High School has been a home for its young ladies. More than 3,000 alumnae have walked these halls, sat in these classrooms, worshiped in this chapel. More than 3,000 alumnae have bonded with teachers and staff who cared about them and could call them each by name.

A Cabrinian education is rooted in the philosophy of Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini, the first American citizen Saint who believed education should be of the mind and the heart. Mother Cabrini believed that education should be a relationship between the student and those whose care they have been entrusted.

Cabrini’s goal is simple: to develop women who live the core values of respect, excellence, and service not only during their high school years, but throughout their lives. We take that goal very seriously. It’s not just a slogan painted on walls or on our stationary. This mission statement drives everything we do – everything.


  • Pursuing a way of life that demonstrates an active Relationship with God
  • Fostering the self-esteem and dignity of each person as uniquely created in God’s image
  • Exhibiting integrity, self-worth, and pride in accomplishments
  • Promoting the understanding and acceptance of cultural, religious, racial, and intellectual differences


  • Pursuing academic excellence
  • Striving to achieve one’s personal best
  • Fostering personal, spiritual, and intellectual development
  • Promoting life-long learning
  • Exhibiting sound moral character and behavior


  • Responding with sensitivity to the needs of others in the tradition of Mother Cabrini
  • Giving of time and self for the benefit of others
  • Participating in activities which promote social justice

Small intimate class size, individualized instruction, and a warm, family atmosphere are the hallmarks of Cabrini High School. At Cabrini you are not a faceless number in a grade book. You are a real person with hopes, dreams, and needs. When you walk the halls of Cabrini everyday, you know the names of the other Crescents. When one of you classmates or her family suffers a misfortune, you will know about it and offer prayers for help. When a classmate enjoys academic honors, athletic or extracurricular success, you will know about it, know her, and cheer her on. When you graduate from Cabrini, you know the name of every one in your class – and all the other classes.

Cabrini is about developing great women; women who like Mother Cabrini are ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

You won’t be lost at Cabrini. You will be found.