Alumnae Legacy Scholarship
Thursday, 18 September 2014 18:00

Alumnae Association Legacy Scholarship Process:

The Alumnae Association Scholarship is awarded to a current or incoming Cabrini student (8th - 12th grade) who has demonstrated excellence in character, leadership, academics, and service in the spirit of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. Eligible students include daughters, granddaughters, and sisters of Cabrini High School alumnae. One student per year will be granted the Alumnae Association Scholarship. Each applicant will provide a completed application and one letter of reference for three categories. All references must be mailed directly to the Alumnae Office. In addition, each applicant will be interviewed by the Scholarship Committee of the Cabrini High School Alumnae Association Board and will have to write an essay. (The essay will be written at the time of the interview, which will be scheduled by the committee for each applicant.) The legacy scholarship is a one-time award of $1,000. If there is no eligible legacy student for a particular year, the $1,000 scholarship will not be awarded.

How to apply for this year's Scholarship? If a student has applied or won the Scholarship in past years, they are still eligible to apply again. Application deadline is April 1, 2017.

Print attached application and send to:
Cabrini High School
Attn: Alumnae Association
1400 Moss St.
New Orleans, LA 70119

To print the application, please click here

For more information, please contact the alumnae office at: (504) 483-8675 or

Past Alumnae Association Legacy Scholarship Recipients:

1993-1994 Janell Mascair'97
2000-2001 Ashley Vath'04
2001-2002 Amelia Hatheway'05
2004-2005 Amelia Hatheway'05
2007-2008 Abbey Raaphorst'08
2008-2009 Melissa Bondio'08
2011-2012 Kristen St. Martin'12
2012-2013 Lauren Lohfink'14 and Jordan Bradbury'13
2013-2014 Jillian Wohlgemuth'16
2014-2015Jillian Wohlgemuth'16 and Abigail Markey'19
Jillian Wohlgemuth'16 and Deborah Alvarenga'16
2016-2017Payton Dawson'17 and Abigail Markey'19

Read more about the 2016 Recipients:

Cabrini Alumnae Legacy Scholarship

Cabrini High School’s Alumnae Association selected Payton Dawson’17 and Abigail Markey’19 recipients of the 2016-2017 Legacy Scholarship.

Payton Dawson’17, daughter of Shawn Cerre Dawson’86 and Abigail Markey’19, sister of Hailey Gauthier’10 were selected to receive the $1000 Alumnae Legacy Scholarship each.  The Scholarship is available to a student(s) whose mother, grandmother, or sister attended Cabrini. Dawson and Markey were selected from a pool of applicants based on recommendations and actions exhibiting excellence in character, leadership, academics, and service in the spirit of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini. They were each required to submit a written essay and undergo a personal interview to articulate their thoughts and recount their acts of kindness, hard work, compassion, and a love of Cabrini High School through service work.

(Pictured l-r) Jamie Clark’03, Alumnae Association President, Abigail Markey’19, Payton Dawson’17, and Shawn Cerre Dawson’86