Captain Salvator PIzzati Statue

At the age of 40, when Mother Cabrini crossed the ocean for the first time to begin her work in America, she was penniless, alone, and couldn’t speak English. Without doubting herself, she pioneered the building of schools, hospitals, clinics, and orphanages. She was not satisfied with simply establishing the facilities, so she dedicated her life to working in them.

In New Orleans, Mother Cabrini acquired the funds to build the Sacred Heart Orphan Asylum at 3400 Esplanade Avenue. Captain Salvator Pizzati donated money to Mother Cabrini to build the historic building. In 1959 the structure became part of Cabrini High School. Mother Cabrini's very own bedroom, which features her bedroom furniture and several of her personal belongings, serves as a precious reminder that her presence is still there. Captain Pizzati’s sculpture is located on the second floor of the Esplanade building right down the hall from Mother Cabrini’s bedroom. Pictured here with Captain Salvator Pizzati are his great niece, Italia Pizzati Bacuzzi Dearing (right) and her daughter Melisa Barnett, Pizzati’s great-great niece.