Cabrini AP Courses

AP = advanced placement

checkCabrini offers 17 AP courses
among the largest number of AP course offerings taught on campus of any Catholic or all-girls school in Louisiana.

checkCabrini has an Open Admission Policy
AP courses are open to all college bound students, not just to honors students. The College AP Board awards high schools an Equity and Excellence score based on the success of their AP program. In 2015, Cabrini’s Equity and Excellence Percentage was 55.3% compared with 22.4% nationally and 8% for Louisiana. At Cabrini, we believe in preparing all students for the educational rigor of college level material. Participation in our AP courses provides them with expanded opportunities to intellectually and emotionally meet this challenge.

checkCabrini’s Equity and Excellence Score for 2016 was 75.5% (College AP Board)
Cabrini's 2015 score was 55.3%, 6 times higher than the average Louisiana High School and 2 times the national average (state and national averages for 2016 not available yet).


Cabrini AP Course Offerings:

English Language & Composition AP
English Literature & Composition AP
Calculus AB
Statistics AP
Biology II AP
Chemistry II AP
Human Geography AP
United States History AP
Government and Politics: United States AP
World History AP
Psychology AP
French Language AP
Spanish Language AP
Spanish Literature AP
Music Theory AP
Studio Art AP
Computer Science Principles AP



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For Information on Cabrini’s AP program,
please contact Renee Boyer, AP Coordinator
at 504-482-1193
or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.