21st Century Learning Center (Library)

The 21st Century Learning Center serves as a hub for students' computer use, printing needs, and research activity. The Center also serves as a library, housing fiction and non-fiction print materials available for checkout. As facilitator of the Center, the librarian assists students, faculty, and staff in effective use of the online and print resources.

The Center houses 19 desktop computers and 21 laptops with internet access throughout the center. Internet access is firewall-protected and limited to academic and scholarly pursuits.

The Center uses the Destiny online library catalog database which lists the library materials and facilitates electronic check-out. Students access Destiny via cabrinihigh.com to search the library catalog by author, title, series, call number, subject, or keyword.

The “Library” page on the school's web site includes an internet resources page with links for students' easy access. During classroom visits to the Center, students are taught how to effectively use subscription online databases and the Louisiana Library Connection for research.

During class periods, individual teachers can reserve the center for their classes. The center is also open for independent work during prime time and lunch periods as well as before and after school.


The library's mission is to train students to effectively use the library and its resources, thereby enabling them to discover their God given gifts and talents. The goal of the library is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. The objectives to achieve these goals are as follows:

  1. to provide intellectual and physical access to information
  2. to teach students utilization of critical thinking skills in finding, using, and creating information
  3. to provide expertise in the field of library and information science
  4. to encourage habits fostering lifelong learning through libraries
  5. to provide library materials organized for ease of use by students, faculty, and staff