Religion 8:

The course introduces the story of salvation as it unfolds in both the Old and New Testaments. Students will study and gain an appreciation of Sacred Scripture through which they encounter Jesus Christ. The charisms of Mother Cabrini will be explored and discussed, and students will also be exposed to the Theology of the Body program for teens. This includes 8 unique segments that reflect Pope Saint John Paul II’s revolutionary teachings that give answers to tough questions concerning sacredness of the body, sexuality, human nature, and our identity as children of God the Father.

Religion I:

This course introduces students to the coming of the Messiah and the life, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Students will what it means to be a disciple of Christ in everyday life. Students will study and gain an appreciation of Sacred Scripture through which they encounter Jesus Christ.

Religion II:

Religion II will place the foundations of the Catholic Church in their historical and scriptural contexts by guiding students to recognize the sacred nature of the Church and engaging them to more actively participate in the living Body of Christ while serving as witnesses to the Gospel. The sacraments will also be studied as the definitive way that Jesus remains present to the Church today. Theology of the Body for Teens, which enables students to discover the truth about their bodies, sexuality, and call to love, will also be covered.

Religion III:

This course focuses on Peace and Justice and Personal Morality. The first semester is designed for students to achieve a better understanding of the Catholic Social Teachings and how they affect society. The primary objective of this course is for students to increase their awareness of social justice issues and deepen their knowledge of injustices in the world today.  This course puts the Gospel into action!  The Personal Morality component of the course applies the principles of Christian morality to important life issues, in light of Catholic teachings.

Religion IV:

This course sets a foundation of sound Catholic knowledge to provide the student with the skills necessary for her to understand and live her faith. Topics covered in this course will include: basic Catholic doctrine; an overview of Sacred Scripture with an introduction to basic principles for understanding and interpreting the Bible; relationships, and discerning one’s personal vocation; a review of Theology of the Body for Teens.



As part of Cabrini's Service Learning Program, each student will participate in a service learning project. Each project has as its focus one of Mother Cabrini’s areas of concern: immigrants, children, the elderly, the poor, or woman. Each year students will experience an educational component regarding that grade level’s area of concern, prior to a hands-on experience of service within our community.