Alum Board

Alumnae Association Mission Statement

As students of Cabrini High School, we have been taken under the wing of a saint; we have walked, learned, and prayed in the steps of Mother Cabrini. We have been blessed and we have benefited from Saint Frances Cabrini’s mission and a Cabrinian Catholic education. The mission of the Alumnae Association of Cabrini High School is to knit our alumnae community together, honoring the past, sharing the present, and providing stewardship for the continuance of Saint Cabrini’s mission through increased support for Cabrini High School’s continued growth.

Cabrini Alumnae Association Executive Board

President - Jamie Clark '03

Vice President - Ashley Brennan '98

Treasurer - Jane D. Bartlett '70

Past President - Cat Fleuriet '78

Ex-Officio - Erin Marrero-Savoie '07, Director of Alumnae Affairs 

Marianne Beary '72
Katie Berchak-Irby '01
Lacie Chauppette '03
Laurie Chauppette '03
Janice Dean '70
Pam Delord '63
Sally Galland '76
Denise Gorman '78
Kelsey Tatje Jumonville '08
Christina Luwisch '06
Jo'Leigh Monteverde '72
Cindy Pazos '76
Paula Pizzalato'73
Nedra Schneider '74
Madeline Suer '71
Natalie Tatje '81
Brittany Taylor '07
Doreen Welsh '72
Stacey Wohlgemuth '86