Summer 2017

Rena Mae Dixon mother-in-law of Michelle Preyan Dixon '85

Marie R. Pattin mother of Claudette Pattin Davis '63

Steven K. McCombs father of Shannon McCombs Howes '89

Frank H. Anthony, Jr. father of Deborah Anthony Roth '69

Chase James LaCombe son of Jennifer LaCombe '06

Eunice Schwandt Landry mother of Eunice "Honey" Landry Durel '66

Wayne A. Maiorana father of Marci Maiorana Nunez '99




Michael Delord Jr. brother-in-law of Pamela Stacey Delord '63

John A. Turcich Jr. father of Diane Turcich Pelloat '63

Lorraine Aucoin Santopadre mother of Johnie Santoparde Salvaggio '64

Linda Bethancourt Everett '66

Virginia Pizzitola Schmitt mother of Kaitlyn Schmitt Ferrage '66, grandmother of

Stacey Maylin Wohlgemuth '86, great-grandmother of Jillian Wohlgemuth '16

Ruth Mary Blust mother of Mary Cash Lukas '69, grandmother of Brianne Cash '09

and Patricia Cash '13

Andrea Merritt Donner '74 sister of Theresa Merritt Fermanich '70, Michele Merritt '70, Cecile Merritt Cardone '71, Marie Merritt Polk '72, and Annette Merritt '77

Gray David Swiber
brother of Cynthia Swiber '71 and uncle of Michelle Varvaro Corley '05 and Kristen Varvaro '09

Florita Thompson mother of Barbara Thompson Kennan '71 and Suzanne Thompson Seiler '72

Susan Mary Johnson '76 sister of Emily Johnson Hall '73

Anita Frigo De Maria sister of Mary Frigo Crammer '76 and Melissa Frigo Breland '78

Patsy Shaw Zanco mother of Terry Zanco Drouet '73 and Robyn Zanco '77

Philip Ciaccio, Sr. father of Mary Beth Schneider Ciaccio '78

Carol Pieri mother of Maria Pieri Bienes '82, grandmother of Alyssa Bienes '13 and Sarah Bienes '10

Marillyn Haydel Brou mother of Robin Brou Hatheway Antin '83 and grandmother of Amelia Hatheway '05 and Lilly Hatheway '11

Peggy Ann Brou sister of Robin Brou Hatheway Antin’83 and grandmother of Amelia Hatheway’05 and Lilly Hatheway '11

Colleen Schmolke Pope cousin of Crystal Brondum Baer '83

Angelas Robin father of Keri Robin Murphy '83 and Kristi Robin Ferrante '86

Margaret Bettencourtt mother of Jean Bettencourtt '85


Josie Jeanfreau mother of Zita Jeanfreau McLaughlin '85 and Vanessa Jeanfreau '90,

grandmother of Juliet McLaughlin '16

Sue Landreneau Seelig sister of Aimee Landreneau de Turk '85

Courtney Gagnon Denley '91

Barry Anthony Braxton Sr. father of Allison Braxton Baehr '94

Concha "Conchita" Elmore mother of Samantha Elmore Amede '95

Grace Barzon Proctor grandmother of Shannon Pierce Lescale '95

Kay G. Bonseigneur grandmother of Kristen Pickwoad '00

Anthony Lawrence "Tony" Pohlmann Sr. grandfather of Jennifer Pohlmann Ruis '00 and Mary Pohlmann Reis '03

Kathy Mariano grandmother of Heather Sutton Gatewood '02


Joshua David Gazave husband of Rachel Cressionnie Gazave '03

Ernest A Becnel Jr. grandfather of Alaina Wertz '03


John Helmers brother of Jennifer Helmers Chapman '06

Julius S. Martin grandfather of Amy Martin-Klumpp '07 and Emily Russell '19

Mike Early grandfather of Kasey Lard '08

Warren Gibson grandfather of Cheron Perkins '13 and Cherelle Perkins '16

Lorenza Sciortina Temonia grandmother of Ellie Temonia '14


Ronald Rosato grandfather of Emma Miester '17

Brandy Gulliot aunt of Taylor Rogge '17


Robert & Jackie McNab grandparents of Dakota Menesses '18

Louis Alfred Breaux Jr. father of Camryn Breaux '19

Robert Goens grandfather of Katie Marie Goens '19

Leroy Burrow grandfather of Cydney St. Junior '20

Angel Jackson grandmother of Brianna Guient '20

Armantina Navarrete grandmother of Amy Allende, faculty

Jeanne Ayers Adams grandmother of Bonnie Schneider, faculty

Frances Surgi mother-in-law of Lisa Surgi, faculty

Millei Arand grandmother of Laura Arand, faculty

Helen Koenig mother of Sonny Borey, Board of Trustee Member