Cabrini Skins & SkullsAs a result of Science department chair Ann Smart attending the American Wilderness Leadership School last summer, the school was recently gifted a "Hands On Wildlife" kit, from the Safari Club International (SCI). The kit consists of actual skins and models of skulls, scat, and tracks from 4 North American species--cottontail rabbit, raccoon, coyote and beaver. These biofacts will be used in Environmental Science class when teaching/learning about conservation and in Biology II in the Skeletal system unit. In addition, the kit will be brought by the Science Squad to any elementary school that requests it.

Click the photo to view slideshow of the event!

Photo L to R: Sophomores Emily Sotomayor, Sydney Marin, Alieha Pacaccio, Sophia Alvarado, Camryn Breaux.