Cabrini District Art Winners Erin Haynes and Rebekah AlvarengaCabrini Juniors Rebekah Alvarenga and Erin Haynes each won an honorable mention in the inaugural State Rally Art Competition with their original works in two separate media.

Rebekah did a charcoal and conte crayon rendering of the hand, paper, and feather titled "Frustrations of a Writer." Rebekah is in AP Studio Art. Erin’s painting was done in acrylic paint and is entitled "La vue d'une cuisine" ("A View from the Kitchen"). Erin is currently in Art II.

Schools were allowed to only send five pieces each to compete for first through third places and up to 10 Honorable Mentions. Cabrini won two honorable mentions. Other Crescents who competed and the medium they used were: Marisa Scarlata’19, Art II, "Portrait of A.J.,” Acrylic Paint; Rebekah Pichon’18, Art I, "Velveteen and Me,” Graphite/pencil; Audrey Johnson’17, AP, "The Costume," Copic Markers.

Pictured above: Erin Haynes, left, and Rebekah Alvarenga