Cabrini Suddent Impact DemonstrationCabrini High students participated in “Consequences of Impact,” a mock crash involving impaired driving. Students involved acted out a fatal crash scenario in front of their peers, allowing the students to see first-hand how drinking, driving, and poor decisions affect everyone involved.  The mock crash promotes open and trusting relationships between parents and teens. Parents of the students also played parts in this scenario. “Consequences of Impact” emphasizes the dangers and consequences of drinking and driving, the usage of seat belts, distractions behind the wheel, and the emotional suffering families endure when a fatal crash occurs in reality.

Numerous state and local agencies provided their expertise to ensure the safety of everyone involved.  University Medical Center, Louisiana State Police, New Orleans EMS, East Jefferson EMS, Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office, Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office, Jefferson Parish Fire Department and DND Towing also participated in the scenario.  Personnel from each agency were available to answer all of the student’s questions at the conclusion of the event.

“Consequences of Impact” is a reinforcement activity that is promoted through the Sudden Impact Program, offered through a partnership by the Louisiana State Police, University Medical Center and the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission. One component of the Sudden Impact Program is an eight hour course for high school sophomores dedicated to the prevention of injuries and fatalities related to driving under the influence, distractions and seatbelt usage. Students are exposed to the hospital setting and presentations by medical staff and Troopers emphasize the reality of injury and fatal crashes and the lifelong consequences victims and families confront every day. Students meet a trauma victim and are told of the challenges they face on a daily basis. The students are then taken to the trauma ICU and emergency room where they go bed-side with a trauma patient so they can witness firsthand the consequences of poor decision making in a motor vehicle.

This educational event is an effort to reduce the number of underage DWI’s, serious injury crashes and fatal crashes in our state. Programs such as “Consequences of Impact” teach our youth the importance of making sound decisions throughout the course of their lives. More information about the Sudden Impact Program can be found on the Sudden Impact Louisiana Facebook page.

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